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E-commerce, one of the biggest revolutions in the marketing-retail industry, which has changed selling and buying drastically. But with many emerging local and international e-commerce platforms, it has given rise to intense and fierce competition for user’s attention! With a variety of options available to target and gain users, social media, and digital media as a whole has become one of the biggest helping hand to businesses. If you are into e-commerce or are about to enter the world of e-commerce, here are 10 amazing digital marketing strategies for a successful e-commerce set up.

1. Make your product visible!

Like what even is the point of having an e-commerce platform and website without actually thoroughly showing your product! Consumers need every ounce of information they can possibly get their hands on. Use or leverage 3D tools that enable an all-round visual of the product.

2. Visual Graphics

Using numerous graphics and other types of animation, as per study increases the chances of users turning into consumers. You can use user-friendly guides and arrows for users to navigate throughout the features of your site/app.

3. E-mails

Hey----! Have you heard about our product….. ! Create unique tag lines and leverage tools and other sources to create unique emailers with engaging content. Here the most important part is content rather than sending out mere email, which users would not even offer a second glance to. Build a good audience and keep them up to date with all the offers and sales happening at your site.

4. Chatbots?

I’m talking about those annoying pop-ups that literally pop out when you read something interesting. No one likes a chatbot who keeps on poking the user and asking for help. Using chatbots that are user-friendly and easy notice is very crucial because that is likely to be the first contact with your users.

5.Artificial Intelligence to drive sales

AI has taken a major part in human lives. From detecting our favourites to figuring out our behaviour, it’s all figured out. It enables to collect user data and use it for better demographic distribution and targeting users. With the collected data you can accurately figure what your users actually want which will enable you to attain to those requirements leading to more sales.

6. Social Media

Social media is one of the biggest digital marketing aspects. You can promote your e-commerce across various social media, showcase your uniqueness to people. There are various features like paid ads, SEO, etc, which enables you to achieve organic growth and sales at the same time while attracting consumers.

7. Build an app

The invention of mobiles has changed the content consumption pattern of consumers, giving rise to mobile marketing and promotion. Apps have become one of the most sought after digital marketing strategies for marketers. Our lives revolve around applications. Applications are made for the smooth running of businesses, engage with consumers by giving offers, discounts, and marketing brands and products.

8. Give a personal touch

A personal effect or even a simple message goes a long way to make users feel like a part of the business. A customized checkout message, a thank you for shopping message, all these can be achieved while leveraging tools. With the help of AI, you can also recommend products as per the user’s behaviour and shopping pattern. The best advertisement is always a happy consumer.

9. User-mobile friendly

As per the study, 75-80% of users are most likely to leave your site if it ain’t mobile-friendly. Mobile friendly also indicates towards the screen load time of an application. Proper bug testing shall be executed, the app should be run-checked on various devices to give users better navigation and shopping/ browsing experience.

10. Checkout and payment

The checkout option is the final step of purchasing a product. With numerous verification pages, users tend to leave the product without purchasing. Making a good and decent checkout page is the key to a delighted consumer and that is exactly what will help you retarget them. Offer multiple payment options and provide a hassle-free checkout.

11. Bonus tip

The best way to actually avoid all the trouble of using digital marketing for an appealing E-commerce business is to hire an agency! An agency will actually help you achieve every ounce of requirement through campaigns and executing it by leveraging tools. Brand & Beyond is the best digital marketing agency in Mumbai. An AI-powered digital marketing agency with a team of Strategists, Engineers, Analysts, Designers and Marketers who create transformational digital experiences and accelerate your online growth with measurable marketing campaigns.

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