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Be Smart With Your Marketing Game.

2020 has been a year of drastic change. With the arrival of Covid-19 and the imposition of lockdown, the whole economy has been affected. After 2 months, we are slowly moving towards a gradual removal of the lockdown for some sectors. The lockdown will be over one day, and time will come to re-join our work, but given the nature of the pandemic, everything is about to change.
2020 is definitely going to be a challenging year for all businesses to keep their financial wheels turning. It will now be mandatory for businesses and startups to control their expenditure and keep their profits up. One of the ways by which this can be achieved is through cost-cutting. When it comes to reducing marketing costs, the businesses’ smart play can come into work.
Brand building and brand credibility is something that no business can lose out on, hence marketing becomes one of the most crucial aspects of any business. How does one go about cutting marketing costs?
A common belief that exists today is that the more you spend on marketing, the bigger the outcome. But marketing is all about leveraging your budget smartly and using it to the best possible advantage. For the same reason, most businesses opt for big marketing agencies as they believe spending more money will give them better results. Fortunately, there’s an option that is more efficient and effective than a larger firm. That option is a boutique marketing agency.
A boutique marketing agency is a specialized marketing business that operates with a small group of professionals. They aim to create a unique marketing experience for every client and aspire to provide the best results. What limits a boutique agency is that they aren’t as well-known. But this in no way limits the quality of the services they provide. So, what makes a boutique marketing agency better than a typical large scale marketing agency?

1. Personalized Experience

When working with a boutique marketing agency, you are in direct contact with the specialists who are working on your campaigns. This allows for a better flow of communication and effective grievance redressal.

2. Flexibility

A boutique marketing agency has a smaller group of professionals working with a limited number of clients at a time. This allows them to give you individualized attention. Since the chain of command is direct, it facilitates more flexibility and swift decision making.

3. Budget-Friendly

A boutique marketing agency runs at a low cost with a limited set of people. They don't have big overheads as that of large firms. The cost-saving gets passed down to your business as well.

4. Specialization

Large firms tend to work with a variety of clients and hence they often lack expertise. A boutique marketing agency will offer you the specialization and attention due to their expertise in certain fields.

5. Creativity

A boutique marketing agency does not use tried and tested the same formulas for every client, like in the case of a larger firm. Boutique agencies will try new and creative approaches for each of their clients to offer them the best results, they are not afraid to explore.

So, next time when you think of outsourcing your marketing services, think small- you'll see a big difference.

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