About the Project

Being human Jewellery, an extension of a well-celebrated brand called ‘ Being Human’ had an ultimate set goal in mind when they approached Brand and Beyond, which was to achieve desired walk-in and footfall at a highly competitive Jewellery exhibition in Mumbai, by doing so they wanted to showcase their designs and product line to generate business tie-ups and partnerships.

Best Performing Facebook Ads

Here’s How We Helped Them:

By first creating a niche, our plan was to understand the multiple touchpoints our audience was exposed to and have social media campaigns with an elegant and quirky touch for the same, our strategy was completely consumer-centric that enhanced the customer engagement with the brand.


Through a 7-month-long campaign, we increased followers on FaceBook by 28.5% and Instagram by 217.60% by having boost campaigns, webinars, and frequent posting over social media all working in synergy to result in over 10,000+ app downloads.

Results & Stats


Reach on Facebook


followers on Instagram


impressions on Twitter

Our Social Media Post fetched a Reach of 78,199 on Facebook, 117376 on Instagram, and 24,753 impressions on Twitter in mere 28 days through a complete organic campaign. We achieved the desired targets of walk-ins and footfalls at the exhibition event.Our client was successful in generating business tie ups and partnerships through our targeted meetings and partnership campaigns.