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Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing:
Which One Is Better For Your Business In 2020?

1. What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing refers to the offline form of marketing which includes print advertisements, broadcasts, letters, pamphlets, newspapers, radio, and billboards, all of it comes under traditional marketing. Traditional marketing is useful in reaching the targeted audience. Traditional Marketing is one of the most trusted forms of advertising, not only because it's old but because it's tried and tested. Even though there has been a huge advent of online marketing, traditional marketing does not seem to disappear anytime soon. It still proves to deliver results as most of us encounter them in our everyday lives through the multiple channels that exist in traditional marketing. Traditional marketing still delivers quality results as it is extremely effective in reaching local audiences. Physical forms of copies remain with people for a longer period of time and there still exists an audience that is not active online so traditional marketing is the only way out.

2. What is Digital Marketing?

In contrast to traditional marketing, Digital Marketing is the online form of marketing. There has been a huge technological transformation since the past few years which has made everything digital giving a huge audience for businesses to market their brand. Not only that digital marketing has gained because it is considered to be more cost-effective than the traditional forms of marketing. Digital marketing includes social media marketing, email marketing, websites, pay-per-click, online ads, etc. Digital Marketing has gained a lot of importance in just a short span of time. It has become a medium for consumers to research about a product online, check the brand's credibility, and make purchases online. This makes it extremely essential for brands to maintain a good social media presence.

3. Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

The major difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing is of course that one is in the offline mode while the latter is the online form of marketing. The major challenge of the marketers involved in traditional marketing is to strategically place their ad which will give them maximum attention from their target audience. Digital Marketing is done online and marketers use google ads, social media ads, and other campaigns to capture the attention of a larger audience. It uses every medium of our daily use on the internet to reach their target audience. The debate between Traditional vs Digital marketing has been quite a trending topic since digitization has taken a huge toll on the economy as well. Also, considering the numerous opportunities that lie online has encouraged many business houses to move their business online. We'll be covering various factors in this blog that will help you understand the right choice between traditional and digital marketing.

4. Which type of marketing should you use?

Marketing is not the only expense that businesses have to incur. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to understand what works for you and your brand and what does not. Spending your marketing budget wisely, and investing it where you get a good return and you're not overspending it as well. That's the basic criteria that one has to have in their mind before finalizing their marketing strategies. Digital Marketing as we have already talked about is the most cost-effective means of advertising. Digital marketing has proven to deliver better results than the traditional form of marketing, generates leads, convert customers, and all this at a much lower cost and risk. Every business wants the best out of their investment today, and digital marketing does that for you. Today, businesses of all sizes are going digital and are leveraging online platforms to their advantage. Digital marketing has helped even small businesses to build their strong foundation and build a brand reputation for themselves by marketing online. To understand a better view of how Digital Marketing can help your business, let's go through some of the reasons as to why one should choose Digital over Traditional:
1. Cost-Effective:
Traditional marketing makes a huge hole in your pockets. Getting advertised on billboards, newspapers, television, radio cost a lot. On the other hand, if you're just starting out with Digital Marketing all you need is to create your social media account and post good content. Nothing is greater than good content when it comes to generating leads online. Digital Marketing has expanded the scope of marketing through ages and finance.
2. Real-Time Result:
It is very difficult to track results from traditional marketing, it takes months to analyze whether it has worked or not. In contrast to digital marketing, everything is just a click away. You can see everything in realtime; website traffic, active users, most effective day or even time of the day, bounce rates, etc. This data helps you get a better understanding of your campaigns, and optimize it accordingly.
3. Brand Development
Display advertisements i.e traditional one’s do not stay for long and do not cater to a large audience because of the limited space and frequency. Digital marketing on the other hand has the power to cater to a much larger audience and such restrictions do not exist which gives digital marketing an upper hand over traditional marketing. With the online space, you can leverage multiple platforms and create a consistent image for your company which is effective for brand building.
4. More Visibility:
With digital marketing, you can easily analyze the demographics of your audience. You can target the people who are really interested in your brand and know how to engage with them. People can easily ignore your emails, or ignore your ads online. Therefore, targeting the right people and optimizing your online strategy instead of annoying the users online.
5. Higher Exposure:
Traditional advertisement as we all know is limited to a certain locality. On the other hand, marketing online allows you to reach out to anyone and everyone that is online.
6. Higher Engagement:
Traditional marketing does not allow you to engage with your customers. However, online marketing you can chat, discuss, engage with your customers in real-time. You can talk more about your brand, spread the word about it, and interact with your actual audience that is out there.
7. Quicker Publicity:
Online marketing allows you to get immediate publicity. If your online marketing game is topnotch then nothing can stop your brand from those thousands of reactions and comments. You can earn a new visitor, generate a new lead every other second.
8. Effective for any Business:
With traditional marketing, small businesses suffer because they don't have a huge sum of money to spend and the number of people who can handle the same. Online marketing on the other hand does not require either a huge investment or a large team. You can easily reach your maximum potential through online marketing tactics.


With the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing, digital marketing clearly is the better option. That still doesn't mean traditional marketing is going to wipe away, it is still an indispensable for some part of the audience. Usually, a smart blend of online advertising and using the traditional means will help your brand heights. But digital marketing is something no business can ignore, with everything and every one going online there lies tons of opportunities out there for any business. You're clearly missing out on potential customers of your business if you're not yet online. You get to build brand awareness, generate leads, engage with your customers, and all of it in a very cost-effective way.