About the Project

A Premium NSE healthcare lab founded in the year 1987 and leading in its field, it is one of the first private blood banks in New Delhi and has been offering various tests, with samples collected from homes, or offices across Delhi. The brand aimed to get its presence organically for various categories of keywords and get more digital presence.

Here’s How We Helped Them:

Did a full 360 digital marketing campaign allowing the brand to create a positive media presence and built a website, generating around 200,000+ leads along with creating a stronger SEO Ranking.


- Website Development
- Lead Generation
- Social Media branding

To add further, we observed an increase in enquiries by 82%, and 60/64 keywords are on the first page of Google (SERP) which also lead to a massive 90% increased traffic organic over websites and social media.

Results & Stats


increase in website visitors


Increase in enquiries


Keywords are on the first page of Google (SERP)

We managed to generate impressive results within the span of the year. We surpassed target across all the KPIs, delivering the majority of website leads through campaign.