About the Project

FoodSpot, A brand that nurtures diversity in India, where flavour pallets change every couple of miles, Foodspot was quick to make an imprint internationally with a wide variety of snacks, sweets, and gifting, although renowned locally the company was not branded well. In an effort to make a significant recall and stand out from its competitors, FoodSpot sought to stand for something accessible.

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Here’s How We Helped Them:

Move the products off the shelf into consumers' Heart with the help of


- Website Development
- Generating Traffic in stores
- Branding

Results & Stats


increase in engagement post


increases in traffic to their stores



FoodSpot saw a significant increase in traffic to their stores and our marketing campaigns helped boost social media presence along with creating a user-friendly website for the brand that stood out .We helped them bring International orders and local orders with the help of branding. The results from our campaign have been phenomenal.