About the Project

Instituto Hispania was incepted to remove language barriers, promote a global understanding, and bridge gaps between continents. The company noticed how India strongly needed a space where local citizens could expand their horizons through the Spanish language, as well as Spanish-speaking people would come together to contribute and give something back to this country by promoting interculturality. But the brand needed a push in order to generate quality leads for online Spanish learning courses.

Best Performing Facebook Ads

Here’s How We Helped Them:

Our team reached to the people with the help of:

- Branding
- Various Digital Marketing Techniques

We successfully got Lead to conversion ratio increased by 55% along with having Facebook Conversion, Facebook Lead Generation & Click to what’s App Campaign to Increase the Quality Leads & Maximum Paid Count with this Medium.

Facebook Conversion campaigns were used to drive quality traffic & Leads towards our website to increase website engagement ratio from the target audience as we used the various interest targeting options to show our Ad to the relevant audience & to generate the Quality & relevant lead to get maximum paid applicant count for our Online Spanish Learning Course.To Increase the Paid Application Count from Quality Leads & Via Direct Method with the help of Branding and Various Digital Marketing Techniques. We have done the AB Testing of the Single Creative Vs Video Ad and strategically moved various campaigns.

Results & Stats













With our campaigns, We managed to generate impressive results. We have increased 3L+ impressions, 51k+ clicks with the key audience.Throughout our campaign we have driven more than above the target with a view of delivering huge ROI.