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Local SEO Solutions

Local SEO Solutions: 10 Tips to Improve Your Site

How many times have you found yourself ending your Google searches with ‘near me’? Searches with geographical qualifiers are the new hot topic in the digital world. Our SEO experts aim to help you boost your business through effective local SEO strategies. Local SEO services comprise of marketing and optimizing your brand, product or service for your ready- to- buy demographic and bringing relevant traffic and conversions. 

Local SEO is a boon for local businesses, especially small ones, as by using niche rather than generic keywords, these businesses get to rank high on Google searches which otherwise is monopolised by bigger brands. Keep reading to learn some easy tips on how you can up your local SEO game today:

1. Upgrade your Google My Business Account 

If you own a local business and have still not created your Google My Business (GMB) Account, then pause right here and go create one because all the other tips will only work once you have your account set up. While revamping your GMB, include your official logo, describe your business with effective keywords, list your business under a relevant category and add clear photos that aren’t photoshopped. Make sure to also include hours of operation, accepted payment methods and products or services you offer. 

2. Reach out to online business directories 

We are talking about listing your business on TripAdvisor, HubSpot, Yelp and other such top listing websites. These online directories will put you on the map and will help you better your search rank. A useful tip to keep in mind is to provide these online directories with the exact business description, address and contact details as you have mentioned on your GMB account to further enhance your search performance. 

3. Optimise your content 

Make your content local by including specific locations like landmarks and hotspots. Your website, especially your ‘About Us’ page, should be relevant for local customers. One of the best ways to make your content region- specific is to create content like posts and blogs around local news stories and events. 

4. Identify local keywords 

Identify relevant local keywords and make sure to use them effectively throughout your website’s meta content, copy and URLs. There are various keyword tools available today that allow you to track the performance of these keywords, their rank and the existing competition. 

5. Consider investing in Geofencing Advertising

Geofencing Advertising is gaining popularity today for all the right reasons. It is a hyper -local technique in which every time a person enters or exits the virtual boundary around your business, he or she receives your advertisements on their mobile devices. If used correctly, it will undoubtedly boost your conversions like never before. 

6. Give a Google virtual tour

Several studies show that people are more likely to click on an online business if there are pictures of it. You can go the extra mile by offering a Google virtual tour of your business to demonstrate transparency and increase your credibility.

7. Promote your business on social media 

This is a no brainer. We live in a digital era in which the best way to spread the word about your business is to put it on the internet. Make sure you create a Facebook page for your business as it will not only help in making your local business look authentic and credible but will also improve its search rank. Instagram is another remarkable platform to post images and videos to generate brand awareness and to keep your brand fresh and relevant. 

8. Focus on community engagement & high- quality backlinks 

The best way to do both is to make use of your local network and ask fellow local business owners to have your business link on their website. You could return the favour and do the same for them. This is a great way to get high- quality backlinks and send link signals to Google. 

9. Try out voice search 

Since it’s a comparatively new feature, not many businesses use it and hence you have an added advantage to be at the top. Optimise your voice search by using local and regional keywords as this will encourage Google to boost your search rank. 

10. Don’t underestimate the power of a good review

Don’t shy away from requesting a happy customer to give you an online review of your product or services. You can encourage your customers to give you feedback by rewarding them with deals and discounts for their honest feedback. Always acknowledge the feedback that the customers took their time to write and make sure you observe a pleasant, diplomatic and professional tone while responding to them.

Now that you know the power of local SEO, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn more about our local SEO services and packages that will take your business to the next level.