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About the Project:

  1. Founded in the year 1986 that has earned a mark of trust and quality from National Accreditation Board for testing and calibration Laboratories (NABL).
  2. Also, founded CPC Blood bank since 1987-one of the first private blood banks in New Delhi.

Skill set used:

  1. Search Engine Optimization - Competitor analysis, business listing, social bookmarking, Google analytics, keyword optimization and website code optimization, SEO optimized content both website and off-page submissions.


  1. The brand wanted their presence organically for various categories of keywords such as-Pathology, Lab test, Doctor Consultation and so on.


  1. Our team at Brand & Beyond helped them first create a website which included all the points as per the brand brief provided in terms of content.
  2. We made an effective website for them with SEO friendly web pages, SEO Optimized content (blog articles, website pages, on-page SEO) and keeping in mind the other various technical SEO factors as well.
  3. Once the website was ready we implemented the on-page SEO on the website- content optimization, URL to keyword mapping, google code placing and so on. Once on-page SEO was completed we started with the off-page part.
  4. Our SEO team created qualifying backlinks in High PR websites to improve their website rankings and optimize their search results.


  1. Through our SEO efforts, we achieved the following results,
  2. The overall increase in website visitors by 35%.
  3. Increase in inquiries by 22%.
  4. Out of 64, 60 Keywords are on the first page of Google (SERP).

A few top-performing keywords below:

  1. Diagnostic Labs in Delhi
  2. Best Pathology lab in Delhi
  3. Blood Test in Delhi
  4. Health Packages Delhi
  5. Pregnancy Test Delhi
  6. Trusted Lab in GK

The above-mentioned keywords were earlier not in search and are now in performing better as they are in the first and the second webpage.


  1. We helped the brand with creating the website.
  2. After the website was done we shared category wise Keyword suggestions for SEO with the client from which the client selected the ones he felt relevant & matching their brand.
  3. The keywords selected by the client were earlier not in google search - SERP.
  4. We have optimized the webpages for SEO in terms of its Meta tags, Content optimization and other Technical SEO parameters as well.
  5. After which we have started the off-page SEO for the brand.
  6. Within a scalable duration, we started gaining a better ranking position and grow website traffic as well.