About the Project

This company is a career development platform for students to achieve a breakthrough in their career in form of a quality study abroad admission or preparing for their first job, Since the company is part of the Education sector their goal was to reach their targeted audience and connect with them for a better brand recall value in minds of the consumer. Upguide was well versed in how a positive image can ignite the brand perseverance and wanted to achieve the same along with quality lead generation for their brand.

Best Performing Facebook Ads

Here’s How We Helped Them:

We reached targeted audience with the help of:

- Website Development
- Social Media Branding
- Seminars and Webinars

We planned to hit the right audience by curating content in different forms like Static, feedback Videos and stories to attract attention on social media. Created Informative, Quirky, Topical, and Meme posts to get connected with the target audience and use social media to its fullest. Frequent and consistently putting out content helped us gain visibility, furthermore, our engagement rate went up by 90% through stories, comments, DMs, and community posting to understand the audience's queries and bring leads.

We were successful in reaching out to the masses and getting registrations, creating 5000+ leads. Successfully driven webinars and seminars to increase one-to-one conversations with the students, to understand students queries.

Results & Stats











Within 4 months of starting the campaign, We were successful in reaching out to the masses and getting registrations, creating up to 5000+ leads and driving nearly 2 and half times above target, with a view to delivering ROI. This led Upguide to extend their contract with us indefinitely.